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Buy mature canary island date palm

An Alternative: Consider Getting An Appraisal And Donating The Palm To A Charitable Institution.
Sort of escort alloys humorous, isn't it?
But, if the economy improves some day, diggers may get back into digging palms with value. .
Cold tolerance about 18 degrees.It can take sun or shade and is cold hardy to 15 degrees.Mature plant height is about thirty feet with eight foot wide leaves that are green to blue-green. .It is slow growing. .We only have a escort butchery few available.Cold hardiness is about 25 degrees. .Cold hardiness is somewhere in the mid-twenties. .Regular price.5 gallon 50 TEN DAY special this size 39 Easy to ship.It has a thin trunk with lots of silver color. .It's a two royal prostitutes step process.Trithrinax campestris suckering blue FAN palm medium height This South American species is nothing like.

Of course, this is a full sun palm. .
We have a limited number of this hard to find type of Royal Palm.
Compared to the common Mexican Blue Fan Palm, it has longer petioles and is faster growing. .I have chosen to show mature plants in gardens. .But, we have this more rare green form and have found they are showing nice cold hardiness to the low 20's.Great for growing in usda Zones 8b (15 to 20 F) to 11 (above 40 F).You would need to have such a transaction reviewed by your tax accountant.It is different than the Sago Palm - smaller and, to me, more attractive. .They are really impressive and get up to two feet thick. .Clinostigma is a very exotic pinnate palm and would be one of the more exotic and unusual of palm types possible in this area.It likes heat and full sun. .Leaves are green, about eight feet long with somewhat drooping leaflets. .

Leaf color is green to blue green. .