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Ryze said the accident figure was "better than the industry norm" and there had been seven serious injuries.
Case Lawrence, Ryze chief executive, said it was "very important" to put into context they had had 25,662 jumpers over the three week period and 102 incidents in queen elizabeth escort security that time was only.39 incident rate.
Council health and safety inspectors are investigating a new trampoline park following more than 100 incidents at the Midlothian centre in three weeks.Image copyright Claire McKenna Image caption Christopher McKenna broke his neck at the centre.Mrs McKenna said he is currently in bed on morphine, unable to move, and in "agony".Since then there have been reports of accidents including a broken neck, back and other bones.Like other active pursuits, injuries come from landing awkwardly, or interacting with another jumper."."We have never had an injury that was caused by the equipment or layout of the park."The shift manager recommended that he not move, but the individual on his own accord moved.".We specialise in Classic Fords.Each of our parks, including Ryze Edinburgh, is built according to astm standards, which is the best standards and practices established for running trampoline parks by the industry in the USCase Lawrence, Ryze chief executive.Mr Haugen said that the park's manager had dealt with Ms Bruce-Wotton's incident directly.

She moved on her own accord." 'Complete disaster marion Dickie, 35, from Edinburgh, said her two-year-old son Anderson sustained a bad break below the knee at the centre on Monday.
"When she approached Laura, Laura had already stood up and was walking, with her boyfriend escorting her by the arm.
Image caption Mrs McKenna said her husband, Christopher is currently in bed on morphine, unable to move, and in "agony".
"When the shift manager approached Christopher he had already gotten himself up and wanted to get off of the trampolines and go sit down he said.2018 TripAdvisor LLC All rights reserved.Erik Haugen, of Ryze, said the description of the events surrounding Mr McKenna's injuries was "not accurate"."Twenty minutes later I was still arguing with the boy to call an ambulance but he was just interested in filling in an accident form and kept saying for me to drive him to the hospital as the ambulance wouldn't know where to come because."However, having been made aware of a number of allegations of injuries, we have visited the premises and our inquiries are ongoing.".She said: "I would never go back to the centre, it was a complete disaster for.Mr Lawrence, from Ryze, said: "This injury incident rate is right in line with what we see in the US and what we would expect here.She said the manager was not there when she was asked to get up by other male staff: "I was moved and made to give details for an incident report before they called an ambulance, despite being in writhing pain and unable to sit.Flipping motion, claire McKenna, 39, from Bonnyrigg who is seven-months pregnant, told the BBC Scotland news website the first aid was "non-existent" when her husband, Christopher McKenna, 49, broke his neck at the park on Saturday 7 February.