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F Troop : Kid Vicious, the notorious bandit double of the goody-two shoes Captain Parmenter.
which even Darkstar thinks is cold.
Music Momus ' song "Pervert Doppelganger" concerns a supposed look-alike of the narrator who goes around committing "sexual crimes" and pinning the blame on the (according to him) innocent narrator.Nero : In De Rode Keizer theres confusion between the real Emperor Nero and Nero himself.Bellum) buys it as the real Powerpuffs.You've got to be kidding.The guy gets arrested when he shows up at an insurance office the real robber has already robbed twice.Lampshaded by Granger when Eric uncovers the truth.The Alfred Hitchcock good dating sites for young adults film The Wrong Man is about a guy who just happens to look almost exactly like a robber who was robbing various stores.This was actually done by Shadow and Sonic is able to put 2 and 2 together once the two come face to face.One questions how people can mistake a black hedgehog and blue hedgehog and two differently spiked hairstyles though.Mark Sloan (both roles played by Dick Van Dyke ).A subversion, since he wasn't actually the murderer either-Zin used some fancy video manipulation and footage from the suspected killer having been tricked into a fake movie shoot.

After defeating them in a Bonus Boss battle, Vyse's reputation and title are restored, and the imposters promise not to use their names in vain escorts in auburn al again.
In The Monkees episode "Alias Micky Dolenz Micky gets in a bit of trouble because he looks absolutely identical to a dangerous gangster wanted by the police.
In Super Mario Sunshine, Mario suffers from this during his vacation to Delfino Island.
The Gang Goes to Hell: Part Two s11ep09, the Gang Goes to Hell s11ep08, charlie Catches a Leprechaun s11ep07, mcPoyle.After adding things like glasses, a funny hat, bushy eyebrows, and a long beard and mustache, a sheriff immediately arrests someone else who just so happens to reflect Nielsen's changes.Orphan Black has an example of the main character being one of these.The Gang Spies Like.S.As galaxy renowned wwwa consultants, they were naturally very insulted.The two ended up switching places for a short time, and the convict decided to break back into his jail cell after he couldn't stand Bean's landlady.Booth Williams - a twin brother he never knew he had - did.A man named Michael McAlister happened to look just like a serial rapist named Rodney Derr who lived in the same apartment complex and went to jail.

In The Muppets sequel, Muppets Most Wanted, there is an antagonist named Constantine.
Played straight at the beginning, when a man sees the picture of the Docent (the criminal's nickname) and assumes that the teacher is him.
Bewildering Punishment is for.