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Escort 360 manual

escort 360 manual

Note: Vehicle must be positioned on a flat surface in order to position sensors parallel with the road.
Off: When Wi-FI is disconnected, the speed limit on the detectors screen will match the display color.
Pressing a second time will generate a prompt on the display that will read Lockout?
The time now is 06:31.Installation Instructions It is recommended that you have a professional install your new escort MAX.Install the Interface under the dash using supplied zip-ties.Detectors audible alerts become softer after the first few alerts.When connected to escort Live press and hold mute button to manually report to other users a verified X or K-band alert, or a police officer observing traffic.Rate and strength of alerts may be consistent or vary wildly.The display screen will turn on automatically after you reach 10MPH.

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For iPhone Escort Live!
Front Laser ShifterMax Sensors (Continued) Display Module Orange Shrink GPS Antenna Yellow Shrink Display Bezel Mounting Snap mounting bracket onto sensor and install the included bolts but do not tighten them.
The display will read Unmark?
Repeat for additional sensor(s).Place of Date_ Price_.Format: Clear out all of the above.Note: Only an exact replacement for the standard connector can be used.The display will read Mark?The power-on sequence reoccurs while you are driving.Personally I find the scanning bar a little distracting so I like disabling it and having bigger text and more room on screen for relevant information.To view the serial number, hold down the MRK and SEN buttons while powering on the detector.2 Connect Front ShifterMax Sensors to ports 1 and 2 of the Bridge Box.When multiple threats are displayed, the direction arrow of the primary threat will blink.

The detector feels warm.
Press the mute button again to unlock it from memory.
Scanning Bar shows an animated scanning bar along with the selected sensitivity mode.