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Escort iminiplus pdf

escort iminiplus pdf

Note if the upper spec value is 50 C, then the alarm is triggered.1 C, not.0 C as this value is considered within specification.
In other words you can LRF files and Console Pro will create an LCF file from the LRF file.
To open the LRF file you need to go to File- Open menu item or use CtrlO shortcut key.
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Iminiplus PDF does not require any proprietary software installation to download data from logger after logging trip is finished.The cable has two different ends.Make sure that when logger is in use these covers are in place.The smaller one is type Mini B and the bigger one is type.Once the logger hardware is installed and logger can be recognized by Operating System as Mass Storage Device you can open record.Simply connect the logger to your PC and wait until the Operating System installs device drivers.If you lose or forget the password, the logger will have to be returned to your nearest distributor or Cryopak to restore default password.Console Pro only works with LRF and LCF files.It is available with either a factory issued statement of accuracy or nist traceable certificate of calibration.

In this case remove logger from cold and check again battery status after 15 minutes or when the temperature of electronics has risen to room temperature range.
A summary of these features and functions is described below.
Iminiplus PDF Logger checks escort phnom penh battery status every 15 minutes when not connected to USB and updates Battery Low icon on LCD.If Alarms are disabled Alarm limits are not displayed on the graph Graph Legend Symbol Logger readings High Alarm Limit Low Alarm Limit High Catastrophe Alarm Limit Low Catastrophe Alarm Limit Marked reading Meaning Out of specifications Out of specification is a report of how.This sensor assembly is permanently connected to the body of the iminiplus (Product code MU-OE-D- 8-L) The iminiplus has a fully functional LCD display and push buttons.Check program settings Program conditions are being uploaded to iminiplus PDF Logger Select Program button or Program tab.This part of the report can be disabled when programming You can change date display format to display month first by programming logger Marked readings are displayed with asterisk sign.Careful selection of the logging interval is required in this case.Total number of out of specification readings (cumulative) the alarm is triggered if the total number of out of spec readings equals or exceeds the entered value.You have the option of programming new start conditions.Sampling in hours at 2 hours interval for 6 hours.9.3 Configure Sensors and Alarm Settings Sensors Tab this displays the sensor information some of which can be changed by using Configure Sensor(s) and others that remain fixed.e.

Once the device is installed, you can see the logger as External Removable Drive named MPP in My Computer and in Console Pro 13 Inside this drive you can see the following: 9 Programming logger with Console Pro You have to use Console Pro Professional.
Enable Display Tick this box if you want to enable the display to show the temperature readings and statistics.