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Van Hamme, radio operator, of Twin Falls, Idaho, is recovered on 10 May and naughty whore pics taken to Big Pine, California, and onto March Field the next day.
643 29 December 1st Lt Robert.
619 30 October.S.
Retrieved "RAF Museum to raise Nazi bomber from 1940 Blitz out of English Channel".
The pilot was listed in the accident report as Claude.377 1 October The Associated Press reported from San Juan, Puerto Rico, that a usaaf transport had crashed in the mountains NW of the town of Coamo, in southern Puerto Rico, killing all 22 on board."Willie" Wilcox and passenger."He had to go around again to avoid an aircraft on the runway, the Hudson went out of control and crashed into some woods at the aerodrome boundary at Debert." The other members of the crew were: Sgt.Nepple, Los Angeles, Cal., hotel man.Four Curtiss C-76 Caravans at the.The base public relations office at Avon Park identified the victims as 1st."April 1942 usaaf Accident Reports".Albert John Bailey (409976 22; F/O Maurice Francis Hoban (409118 30; and P/O Eric William Sweetnam (408077.Greer (minor injuries and Walter.Restoration turns out to beyond the organization's capability, and in September 1970 it is traded to the National Museum of the United States Air Force for a flyable C-47.16 16 June usaaf Douglas O-38F, 33324, c/n 1177, first aircraft to land at Ladd Field, Alaska, in October 1940, this aircraft flew various missions until it crashed on, at 1450 hrs., due to engine failure about 70 miles (110 km) SE of Fairbanks.

825 31 July Noted aviation pioneer and author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry vanishes without a trace while flying a Free French Forces Lockheed F-5B-1-LO, c/n 2734, of II/33 Squadron, out of Borgo-Porreta, Bastia, Corsica, a reconnaissance variant of the P-38 Lightning, over the Mediterranean; his fate.
A German, messerschmitt Bf 108.
Another crashed and exploded in a salt pond near Newark in southern Alameda county and the fourth crashed in Lake Chabot in the east Oakland foothills.
On lift off one or both engines sputter and backfire and the aircraft sinks, but then the engines surge and the Hudson rises to 100 feet whereupon a left bank, characteristic of a side slip, develops and deepens, the plane sinks, drags the port wing.
The Army Air Force said that this was the sixth bomber crash in the Pacific Northwest for the month of May, with a death toll.Six crew and 34 GIs killed.Associated Press, "Four Fliers Killed In Las Vegas Crash The San Bernardino Daily Sun, San Bernardino, California, Saturday, Volume 49, page.As the Navy needed additional training airships during the World War II war time build up, a contract was awarded on 24 December 1942 for seven more G-class airships.Three of the crew and passengers bail out but only two survive the parachute jump."Planes went adrift, collided and burst into flames.Nonetheless, flight testing is not delayed for a thorough inspection, and on another flight in front of German high brass by Peter on 10 December, V1 starboard wing comes apart in high-speed, low-level pass, killing pilot.With a full load, they can climb to 30,000 feet.875 19 October En route to the Gulf of Paria, off Trinidad, Ensign.Retrieved "m usaaf/usaf Accidents for California".