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Fable escort trader to orchard farm

fable escort trader to orchard farm

Return to the grave and the ghost will thank you and disappear.
They beggar thanks you and runs off.
There is a place to fish in the north of camp by a second scarecrow that will yield 500 gold.Return to Orchard farm and give the farmer the heirloom for some renown, gold, and good points.Remember to roll and use the flourish move.The guardians are four waves of increasingly difficult Hobbes.Look to your split prostitution left at the bottom of the steps to find a chest containing a Jet.The longer you hold the button, the more powerful the shot.Zap them from afar with lightning to clear the path and head on to Darkwood Lake.

Rewards: Trophy: Wasp Queen's Head ( worth 100 Gold in Hero's house guild Reward: 500 Gold, renown Reward: 200, experience: 958.
You can also head down to the water past the apple orchards to fish off the end of the dock to find another silver key.
As you travel to Orchard Farm, you'll run into Whisper, who will inform you that she took the opposite quest.
Perhaps you will meet again?
It is possible for you to push your Hero through the barrier (note that it may take several uses of your Spade).Here you will find a door that will only open to someone who truly loves him.These can be decimated with your sword and will reveal a path to a silver key.This will accomplish the achievement Feed The Troll in Fable Anniversary.Behind the door is the butterfly house and a chest containing The Cutlass Bluetane.The demon door will only open if you have a combat multiplier of 15 or higher when you talk to him.But, for this time you can probably just use the entrance at Greatwood Entrance.