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There is no reason to pump your shotgun unless you are reloading for a second shot.
Inside the home buckshot is king.
Benelli M3 Am I biased in this choice?
In ergonomics, we believe the Mossberg wins because of its placement of the slide release and safety. .
Both have similar accessories such as shell carriers to extend capacity ( Remington 870, Mossberg 500 ) and forend grips with flashlights ( Remington 870, Mossberg 500 ).Choking Up A choke is designed to constrict the barrel at different levels.Sample rating item.Advertise Here Terms of Use (for everyone When viewing/using m you are agreeing not to use information provided on this website to harrass, market, spam or phish for information from advertisers, gun dealers or other members of this website.Even when loaded with slugs you are looking at 100 yards effective range for a defensive encounter.34" unsingle with matching.5" O/U. As a pump action shotgun, it can handle everything from powerful magnum loads to the lightest reduced recoil ammunition, and even less lethal ammo types.

Price is MAP, email for sale price.
Nickel receiver with black writing, features remove able, non select able trigger group with flat springs.
18.7 bore (1.630.Click virginia whores for more info Seller: Pacific Sporting Arms East Area Code: prostitution sting in san antonio tx 248 Price on Request Older Left Handed Shotgun In Excellent Shape With Trap Barrel. .
This is a just in case sort of thing since the Remington has a huge following and history of reliability.Gun is NIB, unfired, with.Click for more info Seller: Michael Murphy Sons Area Code: 316 POR Benelli SBE 2 12ga 28" bbl left hand, Max 5 camo, brand new in box, best semi auto shotgun made, intertia driven, great waterfowl gun, serial #U546748H16. .Shells are fed into the bottom port via a tube magazine.If your 870s ejector wears out or breaks, youre going to your gunsmith.comes with choice OF barrels 26" skeet, 28" MOD.

 First off, Benelli makes the best combat shotguns on the market, and yes, their price reflects.
The Benelli M3 can function as both a semi-auto shotgun or a pump action shotgun with the twist of a ring.
 The condition is excellent.