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How to find maturity date of lic policy

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If there is no historical bonus rates for your plan (this happens when the plan is new then in my view, it is wise to consider the bonus rate.50 per.1, 000 sum assured per year.
I will not use those confusing financial words.The function what I will use is IRR (Internal Rate of Return).The principal associated with a debt instrument may be entirely payable as of the maturity date, or it may be payable gradually, over the term of the instrument, depending on the terms associated with the instrument.I also explained about how to consider and calculate each part.Instead, visit LIC portal or my earlier post on bonus rates.Blindly investing for the sake of tax saving, forced selling by agents or simply considering such products as best may actually harm you in the long run.But never rely on agents claim.Hence, thought to write purely on how to calculate the return from your typical traditional life insurance products.With reference to the practice workbook, select cell,.Note: Download the workbook to practice this exercise, applies To: Microsoft Excel.

Copy the formula down to cell D15.
I am also sharing the excel sheet which I used in this video tutorial for your reference.
Remember that your agent may alter the bonus rates (at the higher how much money do prostitutes get paid end) and may show you the return, which may force you to invest in such products.
In that post, I explained about the meaning of bonus, Guaranteed Addition, Loyalty Addition and Final Additional Bonus.
The maturity date is the date on which a debt must be paid in full.Lets say your investment will give a yield in 12 months, but you want to know the actual date, you can calculate it with the edate function which returns a serial number representing a date, which is a specified number of months before or after.On this date, the principal amount of the debt is fully paid, so no further interest expense accrues.It is too simple to calculate the return on your own.Long-term debt instruments are typically considered to have maturity dates 10 years after their issuance dates.Type, e and double click.What is IRR (Internal Rate of Return)?You notice in this video that even though I considered higher bonus rate.e.Instead, you can say that it is the excel sheet function used to calculate the return on your investment when you make some investments in periodic ways.To convert the serial number to a date:.