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Jimmy swaggart scandal

After the Bakker scandal, donations from the faithful dropped dramatically and the same is likely to happen to Jimmy Swaggart's show.
In a tearful confession at the time, Swaggart admitted to an unspecified sin.
Swaggart, 56, was accompanied by Rosemary Garcia of Coachella Valley when he was cited for driving on the wrong side of the road, driving an unregistered vehicle and not wearing a seat belt, said Police Chief Jerry Graves.Mr Swaggart's confession is all the more scandalous since he himself unleashed fire and brimstone against rival TV escorte suceava evangelist Rev Jim Bakker a few months ago for committing adultery with minister and secretary Jessica Hahn.1988: TV evangelist quits over sex scandal.He had paid a former church secretary named Jessica Hahn to keep quiet about a sexual encounter they had in 1980.This included firing those who tried to bring it to light and shaking them down to ensure none of them had copies that survived.Big business, tV evangelism is certainly a lucrative business.Mental Floss ) - With South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford dominating the news, let's look back at a five other so-called virtuous figures who became embroiled in sex scandals - and this list just scratches the surface.Garcia, 31, told two television news crews that Swaggart, who was disgraced in 1988 after his contact with a New Orleans prostitute was exposed, picked her up seeking a date, a common euphemism among prostitutes for sexual contact.Please try again later.In the end he only served five, and moved forward with his life, eventually opening a new ministry in a restaurant in Branson, Missouri.I have sinned against you and I beg your forgiveness.

No wonder it was something of a shock (perhaps greatest to his wife) when in 1994, the beloved teacher admitted to having affairs with three of his followers.
She turned up a month later with a fantastic story about being kidnapped and taken to Mexico.
In front of a congregation of 7,000 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he sobbed and confessed to "moral failure" without actually going into any detail.
Swaggart's tearful, televised confession kept his 12-million-a-year, 10,000-employee religious empire together - until he got caught with his pants down again.Garcia) by sight said police spokesman Garry Heckman.Jimmy Swaggart "I do not plan in any way to whitewash my sin or call it a mistake he told shocked members of his Family Worship Centre.With his followers calling him "guru dev or "beloved teacher one of the things Desai taught at the yoga center he founded in Massachusetts in 1972 was that celibacy was spiritually mandatory for unmarried people.By 2002, however, Shanley was a central figure in the greatest scandal ever to hit the Catholic Church in the United States.In 1988, Swaggart resigned from the Assemblies of God church, the nation's largest Pentecostal denomination after a fellow preacher released photos of Swaggart with a New Orleans prostitute.The evangelist was charged escort men uk with perjury, but she stuck to her story and was eventually acquitted.

Her popularity waned after the scandal, but you gotta hand it to her for chutzpah: instead of apologizing to her confused flock, McPherson bobbed her hair, bought some short skirts, and began dancing and drinking in public.