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Often compared to a prostitute.An Escort may run ads; need makeup, phones, boots, clothes and other accessories.An Escort is hired as a temporary companion who may or may not be used for sex.There are also special brothels just set up for these kinds..
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Prostitute as a verb in a sentence

The explanation of this highlights a procedure that etymologists often use when trying to evaluate proposed etymologies that relate the origin of a word to a specific historical event or to the name of a historical person: if the word is date a slapper attested before the event.
Disapproval, higher education is being forced to prostitute itself to market forces.
Noun, a single-masted fishing smack used off the coast of Ireland.
Tarheel Talk: An Historical Study of the English Language in North Carolina to 1860, published in 1956.verb, if someone prostitutes a woman or if a woman prostitutes herself, she has sex or is made to have sex with men for money.a woman who's forced to prostitute herself in order to get food.Synonyms: whore, hooker US, slang, pro slang, brass slang, more Synonyms of prostitute. .As early as 1845 it is found in North Carolina, as reported in Norman Ellsworth Eliason's.Related terms Translations Italian Noun prostitute f plural of prostituta Latin Participle prstitute vocative masculine singular of prstitutus Retrieved from " ".Origin of hooker, probably from the hook-like form of the arm taken in raising a drink to the mouth.( transitive ) To make another person, or organisation, prostitute themselves.( transitive, derogatory ) To use one's talents in return for money or fame.Unfortunately, there is to my knowledge no visual evidence for the dress of the Roman prostitute, but the literary sources present us with a range of prostitute clothing (from rich accoutrements all the way down to nothing ( derogatory ) A person who engages.

To do something that earns you money but that other people do not respect because you are capable of doing something better Many felt he was prostituting his talents by writing Hollywood scripts.
In fact, the word hooker with the sense prostitute is recorded before the Civil War.
Verb pronoun-reflexive.haunted by the idea of his friends whispering about his having prostituted his talent.Boot boat noun, one that hooks.Dictionary of Americanisms, published in 1859, where it is defined as a strumpet, a sailor's trull.He admitted last week he paid for sex with a prostitute.male prostitutes.Usage notes Some speakers consider prostitutes (sex workers) to be female by default, and thus use "male prostitute" to refer to a man doing the same job.