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Among other languages, Greek porne "prostitute" is related to pernemi "sell with prostitutes charleston wv an original notion probably of a female slave sold for prostitution; Latin meretrix is literally "one who earns wages" (source of Irish mertrech, Old English miltestre "whore, prostitute.Compare..
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Prostitution laws in the uk

Like other Australian colonies, legislation tended to be influence by developments in Britain.
New York: Oxford University Press.
1866: On June 7, 1866 a petition from 1,499 women asking for womens suffrage was presented to Parliament, but it did not succeed.Butler became a sort of saviour to the girls she helped free."Unregulated sex industry 'hard to gauge'.University of Chicago Press.Most were slaves or former slaves, or if free by birth relegated to the infames, people escorts in braamfontein lacking in social standing and deprived of the protections that most citizens under Roman law received.Besant, Annie ; Bradlaugh, Charles, eds.The Act was originally scheduled to run until the end of 2015.Subsequent amending acts include the Prostitution Amendment Act 2002 15 and the Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Act 2011 16 (Part.7 a minor administrative amendment.The Act was based partly on the approach taken in 2003 in New Zealand (and which in turn was based on the approach in NSW).References edit a b "BBC - History - Historic Figures: Harriet Taylor (.Green Left Weekly 22 February 1995".

Over the course of the Middle Ages, popes and religious communities made various attempts to remove prostitution or reform prostitutes with varying success.
Berkeley: University of California Press.
154 The concluding chapter of the report is entitled "The Way Forward" and lists four recommendations that were devised in light of the publication of the report.
1851: Harriet Taylor Mill published the pro-women's-suffrage The Enfranchisement of Women.
Daily Telegraph 22 December 2010".See also : Langer, William.1851: The Sheffield Female Political Association was founded and submitted an unsuccessful petition calling for women's suffrage to the House of Lords.November 1918: the Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act 1918 was passed, allowing women over 21 to be elected into Parliament.The current legislation is the Prostitution Control Act 2000.72 73 20th century edit During World War I, in colonial Philippines, US armed forces developed a prostitute management program called the "American Plan" which enabled the military to arrest any woman within five miles of a military cantonment.