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Research proposal about prostitution

research proposal about prostitution

their addiction.
Keywords: prostitution, sex work, qualitative research, escort aimguard accessories psychological addictions.
When one decides to take advantage of a free sample research proposal on prostitution, he will not only collect data on the topic, but will learn to organize a good paper himself.
Actually all free research proposals available online are 100 plagiarized!We can write a Custom Research Proposal on Prostitution for you!Methods: We interviewed 25 women who were incarcerated in American county jails (at the time of interviews) for prostitution crimes.Conclusions: The results show that, although the prostitutes repeatedly and consistently used the term addiction when describing their lifestyles, they did not meet the DSM-IV-TR criteria for addiction.For example, common experiences include health risks and physical harm (.Next, interviewees explained an extreme dislike for their actions relating to and involving prostitution.

Similarly, they found that motivational factors which proved to be most powerful and to be linked as the most similar to actual behavioral outcomes were those that centered on more temporary outcomes.
First, participants described accounts of physical and emotional violence which they experienced at the hand of clients and others involved in the lifestyle.
These participants were not able to picture their lives apart from prostitution, despite the fact that they seemingly possessed cogent desires to exit the lifestyle.
Most participants realized the imprudence of recurrently subjecting themselves to the risk of physical and sexual injury, but admitted the potential hazard was not enough to make them exit the lifestyle.Even in those countries, where a sex industry is legalized, the government remains ambivalent to the health of sex workers, and the attempts of imposing the norms of labour safety are rare.Furthermore, most women in our sample described hopes for re-gaining custody of their children and someday raising them.At m writing service you can order a custom research proposal on Prostitution topics.This sexual violence may have both emotionally and physically detrimental effects.