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Sim brothel 2 skills

sim brothel 2 skills

Great Blade of Bismarck 50 450 One Enemy insta-kill The greatest weapon of the House of Bismarck.
She can give you a mission and a sweet reward if you complete.
Piercing Blow 35 300 One Enemy 200 Physical 1 80 PDef- and 80 Mdef- An attack designed to eradicate the defenses of any foe.
Also, as always fixed a bunch of bugs.
It's kinda late for this but whatever.Legs Mowing 10 120 One Enemy 130 80 Agi- legal brothels of nevada and 5 Bleed and 2 Insta-Kill A smooth swing aimed to the legs of the target!Update 5/14/2017, this time we added a new thicker waist, a schoolgirl outfit and a bunch of other skirts.They'll hit harder but be less accurate.

Hallowed Bolt Light and Thunder Ignores half target defense, 80 silence Channel holy energy through the sword to inflict damage and silence.
Thunder Blitz 25 200 All Enemies 100 Thunder 1 A modified Area Blast designed to spread electrical energy to a large number of foes.
Name, level, cost, target, power, element, effect.
Update 7/05/2016 Version.28 added piercings and a new girl/girl animation Update 6/20/2016 version.27 adds skills, missions, and alternate female facial features.
Update 1/20/2017, added tattoos and new animations!30 300 One Enemy 250 15 Stun With this skill, your hammer has the power to make metalworks - and unmake your enemies!Sou Ryu Sen 10 120 One Enemy Stun A slash with the katana, followed by an attack using the scabbard to stun the target.Dancing Blades 10 80 One Enemy 120 5 You get into a hypnotic rhythm of flashing dagger steel blurring and biting man whore names the enemy!Impale 10 100 One Enemy Bleed Stab your foe in the guts, making them bleed out.