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Article in, ham High, in the run- up to the election, the Barnet Green Party is inviting key speakers to entertain and inform audiences at free events open to the public.
Article in, camden New Journal, hE is a man of so many parts I am tempted to ask: Who is the real Donnachadh McCarthy?
When I then examined fund- raising in the other parties, I realised they were all dependent on massive funding from these appalling tax- havens.
Every penny we remove from the corporate world helps cut the funds for the lobbyists hijacking our democracy.
Reams of the top party echelons are or were corporate lobbyists.I only made the connection after resigning from its Federal Executive over their refusal to halt the corrupt practice of Lib- Dem peers selling political- lobbying services to corporations.Pillar 2 Our Prostituted Academia.Move your bank accounts, energy supply, newspaper, food buying etc away from the corporate controllers.Click here, unlimited One-Day Delivery and more, prime members enjoy fast free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits.Since then, article in, the Huffington Post.Millions of people across the planet are carrying out escort construction ltd faridabad similar actions trying to save the planets eco- systems from the mega- disasters bulldozing them into oblivion.Millions of people across the globe are trying to save our planets ecosystems from the mega- crises bulldozing them into oblivion.From my personal experiences I developed a thesis that this state has four pillars a corrupted political system, a prostituted punk whore media, a hijacked academia and a criminal tax- haven system.

Buy local products, install or use green energy, read The Guardian, invest ethically and eat organic food from Farmers Markets.
The UKs tax- havens are instrumental in shifting the UK tax- burden from corporations to ordinary workers and the creation of our huge public- spending deficit.
The prostitution of our education system means the potential extinction of any independent thought being taught to our future voting citizens.
The oceans are getting more acidic, CO2 emissions have broken the catastrophic 400ppm barrier and a wave of human- caused animal and plant extinctions is sweeping the earth.
Stop giving it your money.Donnachadh McCarthy frsa is a former Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats.Societies have successfully overcome such odds before.Pillar 1 Our Corrupted Democracy, as a senior Lib- Dem I got a wide range of eco- friendly and progressive policies adopted by the party- conference.Corporate lobbyists are calling the shots, not we the voters.They are also the route by which the wealth of the poorest nations on earth is funnelled into western banks, leaving a trail of poverty, disease, and environmental destruction in their wake.Take for example the nuclear industry.

Our sacred halls of learning whether they be primary schools, secondary schools or university research departments are increasingly being taken over by corporate funding.