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Some of tui small and friendly adults only the Indians brought very good Salt aboard us, and made Signs, pointing to both sides of the River's lady gaga attention whore Mouth, that there was great Store thereabouts.
One of our Marsh-Weeds, like a Dock, has the same Effect, and possesses the Party with Fear and Watchings.
Moreover, such great Rivers commonly allow of more Princes Territories than one; and thus nothing but War and Contention accompanies the Inhabitants thereof.
A Canoe of it will outlast four Boats, and seldom wants Repair.
In these drunken Frolicks, (which are always carried on in the Night) they sometimes murder one another, fall into the Fire, fall down Precipices, and break their Necks, with several other Misfortunes which this drinking of Rum brings upon them; and tho' they are sensible.They cure Scald-heads infallibly, and never miss.Page 109 We beat the first of our Codlin Cider, against reaping our Wheat, which is from the tenth of June, to the five and twentieth.And Our further Pleasure is, and by these Presents, for Us, our Heirs and Successors, We do grant unto the said Edward Earl of Clarendon, George Duke of Albemarle, William Earl of Craven, John Lord Berkeley, Anthony Lord Ashley, Sir George Carterett, Sir John Colleton.They leave us in the Summer.But having already treated, as far as is necessary, concerning South- Carolina, I shall confine myself, in the ensuing Sheets, to give my Reader a Description of that Part of the Country only, which lies betwixt Currituck and Cape-Fair, and is almost 34 Deg.Toward Page 83 the Sea, we have the Conveniency of Trade, Transportation, and other Helps the Water affords; but oftentimes, those Advantages are attended with indifferent Land, a thick Air, and other Inconveniences; when backwards, near the Mountains, you meet with the richest Soil,.The Cherries of the Woods grow to be very large Trees.

Children go with the Women.
The first is the common red Mulberry, whose Fruit is the earliest we have, (except the Strawberries) and very sweet.
You are to understand, that the two Sticks they use to strike Fire withal, are never of one sort of Wood, but always differ from each other.
When we consider the Latitude and convenient Situation of Carolina, had we no farther Confirmation thereof, our Reason would inform us, that such a Place lay fairly to be a delicious Country, being placed in that Girdle of the World which affords Wine, Oil, Fruit.At last, espying an Indian peeping over a high Bank, we held up a Gun at him; and calling to him, Skerry, presently several Indians came in Sight of us, and made great Signs of Friendship, saying Bonny, Bonny.The Indian Men have a Match-Coat of Hair, Furs, Feathers, or Cloth, as the Women have.As for Land, none need want it for taking up, even in the Places there seated on the Navigable Creeks, Rivers, and Harbours, without being driven into remoter Holes and Corners of the Country, for Settlements, which all are forced to do, who, at this.Again, the Peaches, which are the only tame Fruit, or what is Foreign, that these People enjoy, which is an Eastern Product, big titty black whores and will keep and retain its vegetative and growing Faculty, the longest of any thing of that Nature, that I know.The Indians of North- Carolina are a well-shap'd clean-made People, of different statures, as the Europeans are, yet chiefly inclin'd to be tall.We made our selves as merry as we could, having a good Supper with the Scraps of the Venison we had given us by the Indians, having kill'd 3 Teal and a Possum; which Medly all together made a curious Ragoo.And because such Assemblies of Free-holders cannot be so suddenly called, as there may be Occasion to require the same; We do therefore by these Presents, give and grant unto the said Edward Earl of Clarendon, George Duke of Albemarle, William Earl of Craven, John.They boil and roast their Meat extraordinary much, and eat abundance of Broth, except the Savages whom we call the naked Indians, who never eat any Soupe.