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Westside brothel

westside brothel

Every woman in this room when I say dump her.
Intro, should you talk about sex on the first date oh my goodness!
So one last time.
Throw it on the ground.
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If you weren't so defensive, it wouldn't be- you're so sensitive.
Toss it in my pile.
Ditch it over Eastside when we done.
Richie Rich for them boss niggaz slanging the cain but on seat is like keep the sneak we get that mailman like 40 bleed the streets out Cali.
Performed a home abortion with dexter then I guess.Verse One, welcome to the Slim Shady Mecca Rebecca.Hannibal Lecter in the guy section I betcha.Arnold, just ditch.I never meant this rhyme to be so offensive.Dig her fetus out with a wire hanger then digest her.You know you with it girl don't front, oh no you didn't.Chorusx2, see im a real G from head to toe.The world is just my medicine ball, you're all.They say once bitten, and twice shy.

Man, you seen it all before youre all too familiar with.
Just pretend she's that last pass during the Georgia game, and drop her.
Take it off, chorusx2 westside westside G's throw your setzi and represent from felix midgeon tooky to my dudes in the penitenciary to my youngsters in groovy.